Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Souq Waqif Park

I was walking around Souq Waqif when I saw the new park that is being built on the parking garage. It's not done yet (after wandering around a bit taking pictures security asked me to leave as it's still a construction zone) but it looks nice.

Here's a list of amenities:

The fountain in the center was under repair but the previous evening I had taken a picture:

There's also exercise areas scattered throughout the park.

And a playground

I figure it will be ready in about a month, mostly due to work on the parking garage underneath.


Lou-Ann Sabino said...

I hope they allow pets inside once they open. I can't find a neat park to bring my dogs anywhere in Doha.

Glen McKay said...

If dogs aren't allowed in most parks then I doubt they'll allow them there. Qatar is not as welcoming to dogs as say Europe is.

Not sure about how safe it would be either, the park is right next to the Corniche Road and there's no fence (so far). If your dog got loose it might run onto the road.