Friday, April 10, 2015

Souq Waqif Celebrations Have Started

I had nothing planned this evening so I walked down to the Souq to check out the festival.

They had a large area set up with artwork including tables for kids to do things like draw pictures.

I'm not sure who they had lined up for the concerts but it looks like it was fairly big names in the Arabic-speaking world. Look at the crowds in the stands -- and the band hadn't even started setting up. Looks like a lot of people wanted to get there early for seats.

In the labyrinth behind the restaurants I heard traditional Arab music and discovered it was a group of ladies playing the drums and singing. Other ladies crowded around to watch. Clearly a ladies-only event so I didn't go in.

There were also large TV screens around the Souq showing the events.

It was crowded. Maybe there wasn't enough parking after all?

If crowds aren't your thing you could also relax at the new Souq Waqif Park. Lots of people were enjoying that as well but there was still plenty of space.

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