Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Gulf Mall has opened!

[latest update on Gulf Mall is August 14th, you can find it here. Almost all of the stores are open as are some of the restaurants.]

[There's a June 13th update on the Mall, see here. Some restaurants have opened.]

[There's an May 29 update about the Mall here]

[There's an April 17 update about the Mall here ]

Thanks to the Doha News twitter feed for giving me the heads-up that Gulf Mall had a soft opening today. I stopped by there tonight to see what it was like.

It's pretty big, probably slightly larger than Ezdan Mall, and covers 2 floors.

Here's some of the anchor stores in the Mall. The grocery is Al Meera. I'm a bit surprised Centerpoint opened up here, maybe it and the Mall are owned by the same people:

Food court is not finished yet but it will have a couple of different things, such as Fatburger.

There's also other restaurants and cafes either open or close to opening. Most of them I think are new to Doha (obviously Shake Shack isn't but I don't recall seeing the others before):

Sadly, it'll be a little while for the IHOP. Still some work left to be done. [August 14th update: still not open yet]

There'll be a Daiso, that 7-riyal Japanese store. There's one in Hyatt Plaza and it's one of my favourites for picking up decent-quality little things for the apartment.

While there's mention in Doha News about Old Navy it still has a while before it opens:

And here's a preview of the new shops that are open or close to opening. Enjoy.

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