Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ramadan is Almost Here

(caffeine update: today I had just 1 red tea and ½ a diet soda -- I should be okay for Ramadan now)

There was a small chance Ramadan would be called tonight but it did not occur. Traditionally the start of Ramadan is when the crescent moon is sighted and while astronomy provides the date that it is likely to occur it is possible for it to happen a day early if the beginning of the crescent is sighted. I believe some Islamic countries announce the day Ramadan starts in advance but in most (all?) Gulf countries they stick to tradition and require visual sighting of the crescent. Since it was not tonight it should be tomorrow night.

There were lots of people in the malls and the souq out shopping for food, candy and clothing in preparation for Ramadan. This would be a good time to note that some clerics are warning people about not going into debt buying luxuries such as vacations:


The statistics in the article show that debt amongst Qataris is a big problem. Some people think all Qataris are rich but actually some are rich while others are heavily in debt “keeping up appearances” so to speak. A young Qatari man has a future with a wedding (typical wedding is I think around $100,000+), building a house ($500,000+), pressure by people to have a nice car (two if he’s married, at $50,000+ a piece), and to pay for the daily expenses and upkeep of the household. That’s a lot of expenses.

But I do have to agree with the Imam, if you have to borrow money to take a vacation you should really take a long look at your financial position and reconsider the vacation plans.

Anyway Ramadan should be tomorrow night, then the daytime fasting begins.

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