Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gulf Mall Update – Now Has Restaurants

[latest update on Gulf Mall is August 14th, you can find it here]

I was at Gulf Mall today and some restaurants have opened!

-- Nandos was open

-- The Turkish restaurant Kosebasi (I think it’s pronounced Kushebashi) was having a soft opening so were offering a limited menu.

-- And the food court has now opened. Two places in the food court, Wok Box and Wrap It, were open. [July 4th update: KFC is open as well, July 6 update: Fatburger is now open.]

The kids play area wasn’t open yet, but it looked close to opening. [August 14th update: still not open]

So what’s not open:

-- Shake Shack, that’s got a ways to go:

-- IHOP, but I saw staff in there for what might have been their first training day. I think it’ll be at least a few weeks before it opens, maybe even after Ramadan. [August 14th update: still not open but it looks like it will be very soon]

-- There’s a new seafood restaurant getting fitted out but that’ll be a while

-- And there’s an Italian restaurant, Melenzane, that might be ready in the next few weeks.

So with most of the shops already open it appears Gulf Mall is pretty much ready to go. By end-of Ramadan I think almost everything will be open.

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