Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ramadan 2015, Day 23 – Distractions and Disappointments

First it’s confession time – I didn’t manage to properly fast on two of the days this Ramadan. Both times it was because I didn’t wake up to have my sohour, because I forgot to set my alarm when I went to bed. That means I woke up around 7am having not had my meal or, more importantly, the three glasses of water and laban. I was already thirsty, there was no way I was holding out another 11 ½ hours, especially since I had to go to work. So I ate the meal then fasted until the usual time.

If this happened to a Muslim they would have to make up those two fasting days after Eid sometime or, if due to age or illness they can’t fast, I believe they can donate to charity or feed poor people to make up the difference.

So I’m at around 90+% success rate for fasting so far.


Now that it’s three weeks into Ramadan people are settled into a routine. The ‘newness’ of Ramadan and fasting has worn off, at least for me, and it’s just a standard thing as part of everyday. That’s why my Ramadan posts have dropped in frequency, evenings are spent grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, etc. Just that it is to much later hours. Nowadays I’m meeting friends at cafes or shisha places around 10pm or so until 1ish. While fasting you also can’t smoke so this can make for many irritable people given they go 15+ hours without a cigarette. Shisha cafes become very busy during Ramadan evenings, and some of my friends are at a shisha place almost every night.

This Friday I was distracting myself from fasting by playing a board game with some people. There’s a guy who hosts board game nights once a week but occasionally hosts a Friday afternoon game so people can play games that take 4+ hours. Fantastic way to keep my mind occupied and not thinking about food or water. That’s been two Fridays so far I’ve used board games to get through fasting.

6 or 7 days to go before Eid. Then food, drink, caffeine, and waking hours are back to normal.

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