Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Touring through Holland and Belgium -- in pictures


Anonymous said...

Certainly only a subjective view, but I think Belgium may have the best bier in the world. If not the best, pretty close.

Glen McKay said...

Given the huge variety of beers in Belgium (hundreds and hundreds) you're going to find a beer that you love. I was always trying a different beer wherever I was, usually the house beer or the local specialties. I can't say they were all good, there were the odd ones with really strong flavours that were too much for me. Some bars specialize in having dozens of different beers available so they can help you pick out ones you might like.

A lot of places don't have the mass-market stuff and you might get some eye-rolling if you ask for one. I was in one place and someone came in and asked for a Heineken and the bartender said "No." I never had a Heineken, Carlsberg or other well-known beers.