Saturday, September 06, 2014

The New Hamad International Airport – the Al Mourjan Lounge

I recently went on a quick trip with a friend who had Qatar Airways Gold membership so he got me into the new Al Mourjan Lounge. Man, it was the nicest lounge I’ve ever seen, no wonder it took so long to build.

First, it was spacious

That’s not even all of the lounge and look at all the space between the chairs. The place was so big I think they had three or four stations with coffee and other drinks.

As for the food . . .

Looks nice, right? Actually would you believe that this isn't the restaurant?! This is a smaller food area where they “only” serve salads and sandwiches/panini prepared fresh for you by the staff. If you want the restaurant you have to go upstairs (yes, the lounge is two floors).

And here's the restaurant . . .

The buffet food options were not extensive but, unbeknownst to a number of people at the restaurant, there is also an a la carte menu with waiter service! Just ask the waiter for a menu and you can order freshly prepared meals (I tried the ravioli). I don't know if any other lounge does that so I think most travelers don't realize you can order food.

Needless to say this lounge blew my mind. My friend was completely stunned as well, said it was the nicest lounge he's ever seen. Shame I'm not Gold Level on Qatar Airways so I’d get to try this place every time I travel but, alas, Gold is not easy to achieve flying economy. Anyway it was great to see it.


Rai M. Teves said...

I was a part of this Airport :)

Glen McKay said...


Anonymous said...

We just tried it on our way to the UK. It was crazy busy and the service in the restaurant was appalling. No one to show you to a table, tables left dirty for ages, unhelpful staff.... Could have been an off day. Certainly had nice facilities, but service was bad the morning we were there. We did love the airport and Marmalade Market is heaven! We almost missed our flight by staying there too long! Will tell all .... C, K & G x