Monday, September 01, 2014

Turkey Central Has Moved

Today a co-worker told me he was driving along Al Nasr street and noticed Turkey Central was closed down. I was, like, "Say what!?" because Turkey Central is one of my favourite places. I definitely needed to get to the bottom of this, I was there last week and the waiters didn't mention anything. (Of course sometimes in Qatar things can happen with no notice . . .)

When I got there it was closed down and they were moving the furniture out. In fact the entire building was closed down and all of the stores in it were moving out.

But not to worry -- they are moving down the street.

I know they have a take away outlet across from Family Food Centre so I went there and found many of the waiters from the restaurant. The take-away place isn't big enough to have tables but they told me that the new restaurant is being built just down the street and should be ready next week. They knew well in advance they would have to leave and have spent the last two months renovating the new location. It's on Al Nasr Street across the street and a few doors down from Afghan Brothers Restaurant. I think this is where it will be.

I was worried for a second that it was shut down for good, glad to see they are just moving to a new location.

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Mareena Kohtala said...

Great! Thanks for this post! I just moved here and have been eagerly awaiting cooler temps so I can try this place out. The word on the street is to go at night because it is very hot in the restaurant. Hopefully the new place will take care of that!