Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tim Hortons now in City Centre

Guess I had better report this since a number of people came to this blog for Tim Hortons news. A new location opened in City Centre Mall.

Now Doha has three Tims: Ezdan Mall, Hyatt Plaza and City Centre.

Now all they need is to set up a drive-thru somewhere so I can get a coffee on the way to work. (hint, hint to anyone reading this who owns the Tims franchise).


Anonymous said...

Such great news that Timmies has come to Doha. Now all we need is a Costco! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy tim's but every time I come to this one they are out of hash browns. No biggie because I don't eat them but today they are out of eggs at 0845 in the morning! Carefour is right across the mall! I heard a lot of complaints. They have always been nice here but hummmm.

Glen McKay said...

I think I noted in my first post about Tims in Doha, which would have been Ezdan Mall, that the speed of service was slower than in Canada. It's gotten better but a typical day at a busy Tims back home would completely overwhelm the ones here.

Your eggs story was amusing. Do they use pre-packaged Tims eggs or something?

Anyway, I still like going to Tims.