Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Raining! In September??

Walked out of a mall today to a brisk rain and the sounds of thunder.

Wow, what the heck?! Rain in September? Rain normally starts around November, I don't recall a time when it rained in September. DohaNews quoted Al Jazeera's meteorologist that in 2012 it rained at the end of September so that would still make this the earliest in probably decades. A decent amount of rain too.

I'm sorry Doha, it's my fault! I washed my car yesterday.

I spoke with someone who hoped the rain would cool things off a bit. I doubt it, it was around 40 degrees when it rained and the rain felt hot. Now it's all humid out. Blah.

Naturally my car was parked under a shade awning in the mall parking lot so months of accumulated sand was washed from the awning onto my car, forming a lovely mud layer.

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