Friday, September 04, 2015

Tims Hortons in Gulf Mall is Open (but IHOP is not)

Was at Gulf Mall for breakfast and the Tim Hortons was open! It soft-opened yesterday.

It's much larger than the one in Ezdan with a lot more tables. That's good because the one in Ezdan was getting crowded and sometimes it was difficult to find a seat. This should take the pressure off.

Man, that was fast. I posted pictures of the place on August 14th and exclaimed there was no way the Tims would be open soon. Two-and-a-half weeks later it's open.

Contrast that with IHOP, which still isn't open. [September 26 update: still not open]

The notices on the window are work orders for various things, and will end on September 10th, so IHOP won't be open until at least then, probably longer. They need to get the guys who worked on Tim Hortons, then they'd have been open months ago.

In other Gulf Mall news there was some activity at Shake Shack so maybe it will open soon (soon-ish?) [Update: someone posted a comment that a staff member told him Shake Shack is aiming to open October 15th. We'll see . . .]

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Anonymous said...

Spoke to a guy from Shake Shake...tentative date is 15 October.