Saturday, December 23, 2017

Mirqab Mall

2017 has been the year of new malls. Al Hazm, Tawar, Festival City, Wakra Mall, and now a new one in Al Sadd on Al Nasr street -- Mirqab Mall. Lots of malls, and Mall of Qatar was opened near the end of 2016.

Mirqab had a soft opening a few months ago and at the moment maybe 25% of the storefronts are open. It's bigger than I thought it would be given it's in a crowded neighbourhood but it's two floors (three where the cinema is) so there will be a lot of shops in it.

Most of the shops are the usual suspects but there's a few new to Qatar. I saw an HMV as well as a restaurant/cafe called (going from memory here) "Casper's and Gambini". The mall does have a very nice courtyard though.

My concern for this mall is accessing it. Al Nasr Street, and the neighbouring streets (C-ring, D-ring) were already crowded, and Al Nasr is a two lane road, a busy mall might push the traffic overboard. I think the mall has parking for 1-2 thousand but how would that many cars get there?

There's even another small mall opening diagonally opposite Mirqab.

New malls are getting out of hand. Northgate mall will be opening soon too, and Vendome in Lusail will be in late-2018 or early-2019.

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