Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Qatar Coronavirus Updates - 300 Cases a Day, Hospitals Back to Normal

Today there were 309 community cases. Hospitalizations are WAY down, and now only 39 people are in hospital, of which 28 are in ICU. At the peak of the Omicron wave over 700 were hospitalized. Looks like the worst of the Omicron wave is now over.

The deaths continue though, sometimes 1 or 2 a day, occasionally none. Given how long people can linger in the ICU with Covid pneumonia it'll be a few weeks yet before most of them leave the ICU.  Sometimes I lurk on a Reddit sub-group called HermanCainAward and see the stories of people hospitalized with Covid. Some of them are in the hospital for months and, if they are unvaccinated, a lot of them eventually die. It's sad to think how many lives would have been saved had they been vaccinated.

In Qatar things are pretty much back to normal (well, Covid normal). Masks are still required indoors, and everyone needs their Ehtheraz tracking app to enter places, but other than that there are not many restrictions. Just waiting to see if the Government loosens travel testing requirements, I'll be travelling next week and would be nice to just do a rapid test instead of a PCR to be able to travel. If Omicron waves are receding everywhere then the Qatar Government might lessen the travel restrictions. Stay tuned.


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Qatar Coronavirus Updates - Around 500 a Day and More Lessening of Restrictions

Just a quick post. Yesterday there were 532 community cases and only 114 people are currently in hospital. Unfortunately the deaths lag the hospitalizations and most days 1-2 people are dying still. Compare that to the US though, if Qatar was having the same death rate that the US is having right now Qatar would be reporting 25-30 deaths a day. That's never happened, even at the peak of Delta the most number of deaths Qatar reported in a day was 10. In Mississippi, the worst-hit State and with a population similar to Qatar, they are averaging around 40-50 deaths a day at the moment.

With the decrease in cases the Government has removed more restrictions and now you don't have to wear a mask outdoors as long as you're not at a school, marketplace or other crowded area. I expect further measures will be relaxed in the coming weeks if cases keep dropping.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Qatar Coronavirus Updates - At 1000 Cases a Day

The wave continues to abate, Qatar is now at around 1000 community cases a day, and about 4% of tests are coming back positive, down from 10% a while ago. Only 175 people are in hospital now, and 62 in ICU. Unfortunately the deaths continue, around 1-2 a day now. I expect that to continue for at least a couple more weeks. Three weeks ago around 600-700 people were hospitalized so it's good that people are recovering and if Qatar could handle 700 people then 175 shouldn't be placing a big strain on the health care system.

I'm still being careful but for most people it seems to be business as usual now. Everyone is out and about, going to restaurants & malls. I am of the view it's still a bit early for that, 1000 cases a day is a lot! Back during the beginning of the pandemic 300-400 cases a day was enough to trigger lockdowns but I guess two years later, and with a milder strain out there, people are just tired I guess. Pandemic fatigue has taken its toll and while people still mask and use the tracking app, I don't see the sense of anxiety about Covid as I used to. Maybe because so many people caught it during this recent wave and have recovered.

Based on how cases are declining I think within a week it'll be below 400 a day and the wave will essentially be over.