Saturday, September 08, 2012

More Falcons

Just a quick update that the new 2012 stock of Falcons is in stores now. Shops in Souq Waqif have tons of options available and there are plenty of Qataris milling about purchasing.

I asked one of my friends how much a falcon costs. There are a lot of factors:

1) breed (there are many varieties)
2) colour (ones with a lot of white feathers are worth more, to the extent that some unscrupulous sellers may paint feathers to try to give the falcon more value)
3) size
4) whether it was captured in the wild or captive-raised (apparently wild ones are worth more)

It's not cheap to have a falcon. At a minimum you are looking at least QAR 3,000 (US $825) for a falcon, though the base price for some breeds starts upwards of QAR 10,000 (US $2,700). Of course nicer specimens fetch much more than that. And that's before you buy all the accessories and train them. Add feeding (mostly raw chicken) and frequent medical checkups and the costs really add up.

Check them out at Souq Waqif when you get the chance.

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