Monday, April 15, 2013

Opening of Ezdan Mall

[the most up-to-date information I have on Ezdan Mall is from August 21st and can be found here]

The new mall had a soft opening today so I went to check it out.

A lot of people had the same idea, traffic was pretty heavy getting into the mall.

Here's some interior shots

There were no restaurants or caf├ęs open yet. The food court was a decent size though. It will even have a SushiMinto, not a restaurant that I expected to open In a food court.

Sorry Canadians -- Tim Hortons isn't open yet.

Some stores were open, but not a lot. Here's pictures of some where I'm not sure if that brand of store is available anywhere else.

As for what isn't open, here's some examples . . .

According to the newspapers about 80% of the stores should be open by the end of May.

And as I was leaving I got stuck in a traffic jam, not a good impression for opening day. Hopefully they have this sorted out soon because what will they do when the mall is fully open?


Anonymous said...

YAY for Timmies and Sushi Minto! I am excited, now let's see when these things actually open....

Keep us posted! :)

~Calgarian in Qatar

Glen McKay said...

Will do. Maybe I'll stop by in a week or so and see what's changed.