Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ramadan 2015 is here!

So tonight I received a number of announcements and well-wishes from people as Ramadan had been announced. I even read an article that the rulers of GCC countries had been calling one another to give Ramadan greetings to each other.

Fasting starts tomorrow (technically around 3:05am) and will last until 6:26pm, so about 15-and-a-half hours without eating or drinking, even water.

To help people cope workplaces in Qatar have reduced working hours, typically 6-hour days but where I work it is now five hours. This year they shifted it an hour, before it was 8am-1pm but this year 9am-2pm. I think I’ll like that better. In previous Ramadans I was sleeping maybe 4-5 hours at night then napping after work but as Ramadan went on the daytime sleep got longer and longer while nighttime sleep got shorter and shorter, to the point where the nighttime sleep was the nap. Getting up later in the morning this year should help keep me on a more even sleep schedule.

Already got plans for Thursday night, and possibly a sohour on Friday. Another sohour is in two weeks time. I just have to remember to keep the buffet meals under control.

Ramadan Kareem everyone!

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Author Prayatna said...

"The world talks about worldly talks as far as they could do. However, it is Imam Mahdi who knows the secrets of Lail-tul-qadr (the night of honor). And without unraveling Lail-tul-qadr, why and how will the Koran be demystified? [Holy Sanandh 20:50]"
(Author’s Note: Keep in mind that Lail-tul-qadr or the night of honor is not exactly an Earthly night. Actually, it is the time period that started right from the advent of Ruh Allah and continued till the completion of the revelation of the words of Marifaat by Imam Mahdi himself and continued on for some more years. And the time period which is Lail-tul-qadr is 120 years.
And the night of honor is said to be better than thousand months because 120 years is greater than 83 years and 4 months!! To be precise, the night of honor is simply the time period between 990 Hijri years and 120 Gregorian years following 990 Hijri year. And it is to be noted that millions of Muslims around the world are still searching for the night of honor out of ignorance of the fact of the arrival of the listed following during the period of those 120 years as: –
1. Rasul Muhammed
2. Isa Ruh Allah
3. Imam Mahdi
4. Israfil angel
5. Jibril angel
6. Satan
7. Mummins (the spirits of Lahut) and
8. Muttaqins (who are referred to as the angelic spirits according to the noble Quran)
There is a belief in the Islamic community that the 27th night of Ramdan is generally Lail-tul-qadr or the night of honor. But it is not so!)