Thursday, July 02, 2015

Ramadan 2015, Day 14 – Garangao

I went to Katara to check out the Garangao celebrations. Katara holds an event every year where kids get to walk through Katara collecting nuts and treats at various places.

Katara had set up a nice light display for Ramadan, putting stars and other shapes on the hills.

When I went in to Katara it was crowded, far moreso than the previous year. It looks like every year the event gets more popular.

When I got down to the Corniche area, there were a lot of people getting their Garangao bags to start the walk.

They let people through in small groups of a few dozen so that it spreads out and you don’t have hundreds of people at one station.

Security only lets families on the route and that’s fine I suppose. Many children were dressed up but I didn’t want to be intrusive and take close-up pictures. In this picture of the Corniche you can see a bit in the distance two girls in colourful dresses. Girls typically dress up in traditional colourful dresses while boys wear a thobe.

There was also a small bazaar set up which had a number of shops selling traditional items and an area with a storyteller (at least I think he’s a storyteller, I can’t make out what the sign says).

As Katara was so crowded the cafes were doing brisk business.

I later stopped by City Centre and they too had some Garangao events.

I hope the Katara event went well. There were a lot of people but it looked like organizers had the crowd under control.

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