Monday, August 15, 2016

The Murphy's Law of a New Car

About four months ago I bought a new car. I had my previous car for nearly ten years so it was time for an upgrade, it also helped that prices were really good. With all of the layoffs business was down at the dealerships and used car places so there were lots of sales. I picked myself up a nice new car, a bit snazzier than my old basic-model 1.3 L Honda City. I've been here long enough to treat myself to something a bit better.

With my old Honda it had a number of small scratches and door dings but once the car is a few years old I didn't really sweat it. Well within six weeks of having my new car someone left a major door ding in it, enough to expose the underlayers beneath the paint. That was annoying, and I have no idea where it happened because it was on the passenger side, which I usually don't approach my car from. Oh, well.

But two nights ago I had parked my car in the street (the parking garage in my building is too narrow so I'd be at real risk of side-swiping my car against a post) and someone decided that it would be a good idea to u-turn on the road. The next morning I see a nice egg-sized scratch where the corner of their bumper hit the side of my car. So in four months I have two scratches that are worse than what I received on my old car in ten years. Murphy's Law of owning a new car I guess. If it had happened to my old car I wouldn't have cared too much but it's my new car!

Naturally I have no idea who did it. If you did it and you're reading this I hope your life sucks.


Diana Hayes said...

The day I bought our new car home I was just like you, terrified someone was going to ding the doors. I parked it as best I could, yet Murphy's law in full effect would not only scratch the door: someone dinged my bumper, too. I just have to come to terms with the fact there are too many bad drivers out there.

Glen McKay said...

Yes, I tell my friends that when they buy a new car drive it home, look at it in the garage, then "let it go". It WILL get dinged, it WILL get scratched, it will hopefully not get in some sort of accident but who knows. Take a deep breath and accept that your new car will not look new for long.