Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tawar Mall

This last 12 months has been the Year of the New Malls. First there was the Al Hazm mall, then Mall of Qatar, then Doha Festival City, and now there's the new Tawar Mall.

The mall had opened a little while ago for the amusement area, and I'd heard that nothing else had opened there, so I waited a little bit before visiting.

It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It's three floors so there's a lot of space. I'd say overall it's not as big as the biggest malls like Festival City, but it's certainly got more space than Landmark.

It looks nice but at the moment very little is open.

I went over to the amusement area, a trampoline park that's pretty popular at the moment. There were a few cafes and restaurants open near the trampoline park, other than that there wasn't much.

There will be an Old Souq area, which I assume will contain small traditional shops, and there will even be a hotel at some point.

On the rooftop there's an outdoor area with a large musical fountain.

It's still pretty early days for Tawar Mall so unless you're going to the trampoline park there's not much else there for shopping. I assume in the next couple of months more things will open and it will start to get busy.

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