Monday, January 05, 2009

Blog Spring Cleaning

As part of the new year I have decided to do a bit of spring cleaning on the blog. I'm going to start going back through the old postings and start adding some keyword references to them to make it easier for people to find certain categories of posts. It will not be like some blogs that wind up with 35 different categories of stuff, I figure four or five categories will do, even if one of them has to be "miscellaneous", "other" or something like that. As you can see I've started already.

I have also updated the links section to add some other interesting sites that I like: an extensive website that investigates and discusses medical scams, dubious "alt-med" cures, and other forms of quackery. I always go here first whenever I hear about some unusual medical procedure or practice. As part of its work the website will also list of things that you should be looking for when seeking treatment for various conditions.

Another web site that I occasionally browse is SkyscraperCity, a set of forums where people post pictures and discuss various skyscrapers that are going up around the world. I have found it to be a gold mine of information on the skyscrapers that are being built in Doha as enthusiasts post all sorts of information: name, planned height, completion dates, what the tower will be used for etc.

Why pay money for some classic novels when you can download for free any books whose copyright has expired at The Gutenburg Project. This website has thousands and thousands of books and other materials with expired copyrights. Here is where you can get works by Charles Dickens, Voltaire, Mark Twain, Shakespeare and so forth -- absolutely free. I think the main website has materials up to 1923, but there are offshoot websites based in other countries where you can get more recent stuff due to the differences in copyright laws. For example, Gutenburg Australia has the complete works of H.P Lovecraft (d. 1932) because the copyright on his works has expired in Australia. You could spend hours just browsing the titles available!

And finally the forums used by expats in Qatar to discuss what is going on locally (and maybe vent some frustrations) Great source for up-to-date info and rumours about Qatar.


Anonymous said...

Do you want me to apply metadata to your posts? It is what I do for a living! So sad. But yes, that's what I do!


Glen McKay said...

Metadata? What is that, additional hyperlinking? Categorizations?

Anonymous said...

one of the categories we use is keywords so I can do that little task for you if you like :) Or I can do subjects... or both! I do it most days so I'm pretty fast at it. So very sad.

Global Obel said...

Still enjoying all of your posts! "Singapore Sling" reminds me of the $24 GLASS of champagne I had at the Hotel De Paris in Monaco last month! So, can I just whine to you about the housing market in Qatar?!? OMG!!! Who is ripping everyone off???? I think I will have to share accommodation with a "bachelor"!?!

Glen McKay said...

You can't say I didn't warn ya Obel, rents are brutal here. Why, I don't know.