Saturday, January 10, 2009


Vacation time again, this time for my annual trip back home to Canada. I fly to London where I am staying with my friend David and his fiancee for a couple of days before flying on to my brother's place in Calgary for 2 weeks. Blog posts will be sporadic I'm afraid but I will see if I can make one or two during my trip.

Back in Doha on the 28th.


Karen C said...

Hi Glen, Keep me posted on the Canadian winter as I am enjoying this Doha weather. What a welcome change for me. Hope your knees are doing okay in the Canadian cold winter. I feel so bad for my son, it was -46 with the wind chill at Fort McMurray. My daughter and her husband have a beautiful apt here. The people in this building are from Calgary, Ontario and the East Coast so I really feel like I am in Canada until I head out walking or shopping. I also had a young man here who teaches with my son in law give me some very good advice on things I can do to help my knees which I will share with you later on. Right now I am using my daughters laptop until her friend comes in to help me get my laptop on line. I think it may be the firewall but will leave that to the people who know what they are doing. Enjoy your visit and drop me an email to let me know how you are doing. Take Care from Doha. Karen

Glen McKay said...

What's your email Karen C? The email option on the blog still does not work so I'll have to email you separately.