Monday, May 07, 2012

Qatar Schools – Ministry Report Cards

I was nosing around the website of the Supreme Education Council of Qatar looking at what updates they had and I noticed something. Apparently the SEC do reviews of all the individual schools and publish a summary of each school on their website, a "report card" for each school.

Most of the information appears to be survey-based, asking students and parents about level of homework, satisfaction with the school etc. but if you go down to near the bottom of the report card you will see how the school did on international assessment tests such as TIMMS and PISA. That made for some interesting information. When the PISA results came out in 2009 and 2012 I was always surprised at the low scores that Qatar got in general, and was worried that if international schools on a Western curriculum were scoring above average than local schools must be scoring VERY low. Imagine my surprise when I looked up some of the test scores in the report cards for some of these international schools -- way lower than the average for the country the curriculum came from (at least for PISA). How did that happen??

Want to see how your child's school did? Go here. and click on the school you want to review. Then go to the TIMMS or PISA website and compare the scores.


kooki said...

Yeah. New reports were finally put on-line. Thanks for letting me know. Last time I checked that were a few years outdated.

Glen McKay said...

No problem Kooki, glad to help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Glen
the link does not work and I cannot find the report in SEC could you please check the link

Glen McKay said...

Thank you for that, looks like the SEC changed websites. The link has been updated, you'll see a list of schools. Click on the school to see details including a link to their report card.