Monday, October 01, 2012

Villaggio Mall Reopens

Well the doctors have given me the all clear to go back to work tomorrow so I figured I’d leave my self-imposed quarantine for the day. While I was off sick I heard that Villaggio Mall had reopened since the disastrous fire in late May so going there was something to keep me occupied.

Most of the mall was open but some things were still closed:

 Carrefour
 Virgin Megastore
 Movie Theatre
 Amusement Park
 About 75% of the food court
 the ice rink didn't have anyone on it when I was there but it looked like it was ready
 many of the shops in the luxury-brand area
 most of the shops in the Carrefour area

 the entire area between Go Sport and Zara, where the fire started, has been closed to the public.
 In the canal area most of the clothing shops on the side closest to the fire area and nursery are still closed
 Dean & Deluca
 Marks & Spencer
 some of the kiosks that were in the hallways have been removed.

After wandering around I had lunch at Paul before going to get some groceries. While I was sitting there having lunch the fire alarm went off! It only rang for 5 seconds and then stopped but when it went off everyone eating lunch, myself included, all started looking around a bit nervously, waiting to see if security or someone would tell everyone to leave. Had the alarm sounded a few seconds longer I was going to drop my food and head to the exit.

Turned out nothing was the matter but gone are the days when people in Doha easily ignore fire alarms.

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