Sunday, November 25, 2012

Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2012

Last week was the Tribeca Film Festival and unfortunately I didn’t manage to see any films. Not for lack of trying, I did some waiting in line, but in the end it was all for naught as the films were sold out.

I would've liked to buy tickets in advance but I promised a friend I would do a house-sitting that week for another friend of theirs, and take care of the owner's dog. This meant my schedule was busy and I didn't know how easy it would be for me to slip out to see a film in the evening so I didn't buy any Tribeca tickets in advance.

I noted in my blog that for previous Tribecas I would be surprised that the film would be sold out but when I attended there would be tons of empty seats. This year the organizers got around that by having a “Rush Line” for each film. Five minutes before screening if they are any empty seats than the people standing in the Rush Line can buy tickets and attend the film. Great way to ensure the theater is packed. Unfortunately anytime I tried to see a film using the Rush Line there were minimum 40+ people ahead of me and ultimately I wouldn't get in. Better luck next year. Friends who managed to see some films said it was a great experience.

This year almost all of the films were screened at Katara instead of the movie theaters in the malls, which meant that Katara was pretty lively. I was there on Friday, designated Family Day and featuring lots of children's activities, and Katara was crowded with people all having a good time. Looks like the Tribeca has come a long way from its more humble beginnings four years ago.

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scaryazeri said...

We booked 7 psychopaths online and went on sat night, it was really good. Now i wish i had booked more! Nxt time, inshallah!