Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ezdan Mall Update – 21st August 2013

[Sorry, this is no longer the most recent update: there is one more update, click here]

So I went to the mall last night to see what was open.

Now open: the kids’ amusement park. Sorry, no pictures, it was actually pretty crowded with families including lots of Qatari ladies so I didn't try to take any pictures. The amusement park is nowhere near as big as the ones found in malls like Villagio and City Centre but it looked pretty popular. It's geared towards little kids though.

Costa Coffee is also open.

Not open: WH Smith. I took a picture of the inside as well.

Mado (a Turkish café/restaurant chain). It still might be a while, based on a picture took through a gap in the door.

Any restaurants: the only full restaurant open is Royal Tandoor, otherwise there’s a few places in the food court open.

It’s taking a long time for the other restaurants to open. Ezdan really needs to get those moving, I think it’s the biggest flaw in the mall right now. (That said I’d probably only go to Tim Hortons anyway unless I wanted a big meal.) Many stores still aren't open but I think if there were more restaurants the mall would feel a lot more complete.

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