Friday, August 02, 2013

Ramadan 2013 – Day 23, Traffic and Breaking the Fast

So on the first day of Ramadan I commented how the morning commute was excellent but that it was likely because I went to work earlier than the opening hours for government ministries and other offices. Turns out I was right. Yesterday I had to leave the office at 8:30am for a business meeting so I was leaving West Bay at peak time.

The traffic coming into West Bay was absolutely insane! Worse than a standard day when the schools are in. It got to the point where police were closing off parts of the roundabouts and diverting traffic away. Unbelievable. A bear that in mind for next year.

Now I must confess I've blown my fasting for today. Like I said, the weekends are the toughest time for me that I normally go to the office just to distract myself from food. Well today I got home early and started surfing around on the net. Next thing I knew I was eating a snack. It was like I couldn't help myself I just reached into the cupboard, grabbed some food and ate it. Pretty much the whole time I was thinking to myself, "Glen, what are you doing?” and yet I ate the food anyway. Sure, I was hungry but I wasn't starving so I'm not sure why I did it. *sigh* oh well, I guess everyone's entitled to one bad day.

Because I deliberately broke my fast (as opposed to accidently, like swallowing a bit of water when brushing your teeth) Islam would require an additional day of fasting at a later date to make up for this one.

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