Saturday, September 21, 2013

Corniche Construction and Traffic

Does anyone know if they are adding an additional lane to the Corniche and Al-Bidda Roads? I've heard from people that they think it is happening but they don't know for sure. Let me know in the comments if it's true, it would be great if they expanded the road to relieve traffic.


Anonymous said...

I have been reliably informed it will be four lanes in each direction... however I can't quite see how they're going to it.

Glen McKay said...

I'm not sure either but it does look like they're doing some widening. I looked at Ashighal's website and they do not mention anything about it.

I really hope there will be 4 lanes on those roads. Replacing roundabouts with lights will do little as the roads are already at capacity.

Anonymous said...

3 according to dohanews

Glen McKay said...

:( the article even said four then dohanews issued a correction. Maybe that's where the four-lane rumours came from.

Maybe Al-Bidda will expand to four. Fingers crossed.