Friday, September 20, 2013

Ezdan Mall Update – 20th September 2013 (with 4th October updates)

Well I happened to be at the mall today, here are the updates:


Mado, the popular Turkish café and ice cream chain. My Turkish friends were eagerly waiting for this. The staff were getting ready this afternoon and the manager said they were opening at 5:00pm. Despite being famous in Turkey for ice cream Mado is more of an upscale café, kind of like Paul or Lenotre. I believe standard opening hours is 10am.

Sharaf DG, the electronics and appliance chain. I recall they opened two weeks ago and the first few days of their opening was apparently a madhouse (guess they had some good deals).

Lina’s Café has also opened, as has Coldstone.

Almost there:

WHSmith. There were boxes of stock on the floor as they were just starting to put the books on the shelves. [4 October update, still closed but around 75% of the inventory was on the shelves]

Papa Roti is getting close to opening too, as is Starbucks. [4 October update: Papa Roti is open, Starbucks is not]

Not yet:

Any other restaurants. If you consider Mado a restaurant that means Mado, Lina’s Cafe and Royal Tandoor are the only restaurants open. There are also a few places in the food court open as well but still around six or seven places in the food court are closed. Opening food & beverage outlets has been slow going at the mall.

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