Sunday, October 20, 2013


Gundogan is a small town about 20 minutes from the main tourist city of Bodrum. It has a number of nice hotels but unlike Bodrum it caters mostly to Turks.

Pleasant place, not too crazy with tourists. Went for a walk along the Corniche and there were many cafes and restaurants serving Turkish home-cooking. There was also a small mosque on the seaside.

The Riviera area of Turkey is not as religiously devout as other parts of the country. The mosque would sound the call to prayer and one morning my Turkish friend went for prayer only to find the mosque empty and the call to prayer was a recording on a timer. He wound up being the only one there to pray.

The hotel was a small 4-star on the shore. It was nice and quiet, too quiet as we found out. When we stopped by at 7:45am to have breakfast and checkout we discovered there were no staff on the premises! It was weird wandering around areas like the kitchen calling out to see if anyone was around. Eventually someone showed up at 8:10, and others around 5 minutes later. They were really apologetic about what happened, I guess there was supposed to be someone at the front desk, and quickly made breakfast for us so we could be on our way.

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