Friday, October 04, 2013

Beirut Restaurant Closed

I was in Souq Waqif the other night heading to one of my favorite restaurants, Beirut Restaurant, to get hummous, only to find it was closed. And I don't mean “closed for the evening”, I mean gone.

Even the old sign above the door was gone. I took a peek through the windows and the place was empty, all the tables and chairs were gone.

What in the world happened? That restaurant had been there over 50 years! I hope the waiters weren't all fired, they were nice guys.

Man, what a drag . . .

[November 11, 2013 update: I was told by a guy at the Bin Mahmoud location that the Souq Waqif location is closed for good]


Anonymous said...

were the other locations closed too?

Glen McKay said...

Tonight I drove by the Bin Mahmoud location and it was open. Unfortunately I did not have time to stop in and ask what happened to the Souq Waqif one.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear what happened to that restaurant, but you can check Kababji Grill & Restaurant there too. It might deliver the taste that you wanted. =)