Monday, October 28, 2013

Bin Mahmoud

Tonight I was wandering through the neighborhood of Bin Mahmoud just going for a walk and I noticed that in the last couple of years a number of Filipino restaurants and businesses have opened up in the area (sorry, I don't have any pictures I didn't have my camera with me). I think I counted four Filipino restaurants along Ibn Mahmoud street, a cafĂ©, as well as a couple of Filipino barbers. Most surprising was when I came up to a fast food place that had a huge line of people. I looked at the sign and had never heard of the place, “Jollibee”, but it was really busy. Sure enough one Internet search later and I discovered it was a popular Filipino fast food chain. I might have to give that a try sometime.

I’m not sure when many of these businesses opened but it looks like Ibn Mahmoud street is starting to become a popular Filipino neighborhood. Maybe if more Philippine shops and restaurants open I’ll start referring to it as "Little Manila”. It's a nicer street than the area near Souq Al Jaber where there's a few Filipino businesses.

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Anonymous said...

I used to go to Jollibees in Al Meera near Najma, it's really nice - good spaghetti and the prices seem to be cheaper than other fast food chains, which is understandable. Give it a try sometime