Friday, April 11, 2014

Turkish Festival at Katara

Last night I went to Katara with the Turkish friend of mine to see the Turkish Festival being held there. Traffic at Katara was pretty heavy (as usual for Thursday night) but thankfully, unlike a lot of places in Qatar, they have that underground carpark with plenty of room.

I figured they would be holding it at the Amphitheater but they had set up the stage at the far end of the Corniche area. Next to it was a couple of food stalls serving things like kebabs and ayran but the lineup was for the isekender. We lined up too. It was pretty good but not as good as some of the places I've eaten it in Turkey.

And at the stage was a variety of music, and dancing.

The last group reminded me a lot of the Fires of Anatolia show that I went to last year. They did a number of dances from various regions of Turkey, my friend recognizing dances from Izmir, the Black Sea region, and a place I think called Sev (sp?).


Peter said...

Love your photos. I was also there. I added a few more pictures at I missed the dancing but loved tbe warm sea breeze. I am not looking forward to the coming heat!

Glen McKay said...

Yep, summer will be here soon. At least the traffic will then be better.