Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tim Hortons at Hyatt Plaza

Just a quick update for all my Canadian readers, I was at the Tims at Ezdan and saw this sign:

Works for me! I'm in that area a lot. Here I figured the next Tims would be in the new Villagio Food Court that they're building.

[April 30th update: a friend of mine invited me to go so we went, here's a pic of the new Tim Hortons]


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm watching your Tv program on Discovery Hdworld right now, 10pm on Wednesday.

Glen McKay said...

Really? That's cool it's still being shown. The show ("Port D'attaches" in French, something like "Port Cities of the World" in English) was filmed in February 2013 and an American friend told me it was being shown later that year. Nice to hear Discovery still occasionally broadcasts it.

consuelo said...

Hi Glen I was in Qatar at the camel races in Oct 5 2013. I met some friends there but lost contact with them and all I have is a video that I took with them. They owned camels that where racing that day and the following day. Is there any way you could give any idea as how I could find them?

Glen McKay said...

Hi Consuelo. I suppose you could post the video on youtube and I could ask the guy I know who races camels. It's probably a long-shot that he'd know them.