Saturday, April 12, 2014

Down to the Beach

Weather in Qatar is now sunny and 30+ degrees, perfect for going to the beach. A buddy of mine and I headed down to Sealine Beach for the day.

Normally Sealine wouldn't be my first choice but ever since the construction at Salwa Road has been completed getting to Sealine is really quick -- maybe 45 minutes from Ramada signal. My buddy and I never go into Sealine Resort itself, we always park a few hundred meters down the road where the dunes just start to meet the water. It's a pleasant enough beach and unlike many other places in Qatar the water gets deep relatively quickly so you can go swimming.

We got there around one in the afternoon and there were many people there, but by three o'clock a lot more people appeared to enjoy the day.

The Sun is pretty strong so you need to be prepared with sunscreen. My friend didn't use any and check out the difference -- the tan line is because he wore a shirt except when he went swimming.

I figure we maybe have a month or so before it starts getting too hot to go to the beach. I plan to go at least two or three times more before the summer.


Dora said...

Ouch! I hope your friend learnt his lesson about remembering sunscreen, and too hot for the beach?!
What on earth do you do to keep cold if it's too hot to got to the beach?

Glen McKay said...

Yep it's true, in the summer temperatures are over 40°C and usually humid so it's quite uncomfortable. The Gulf is reasonably shallow so the water warms up quickly -- by June it's lukewarm and not very refreshing to swim in.

In the summer, rather than go to the beach, people will lounge by swimming pools. Most swimming pools have “chillers” in them to keep the water cool so it's much nicer to swim in on those very hot summer days.

Linda said...

That looks sore. Lovely beach photos. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

Glen McKay said...

I showed these comments to my friend and he found it amusing that people have commented on it.

I hope he's learned his lesson but he said it wasn't too bad. I suspect he was doing the "tough guy" thing and minimizing how badly he burnt himself. (lol)

Shai said...

Hi :) I'm curious how does it work for women going to beaches there? Are they allowed to wear bikinis? Or are there certain rules depending on the beach itself?

Glen McKay said...

Hmmmm, that's a good question. Bikinis are allowed at hotel beaches but I vaguely recall during my trips to the public beaches that bikinis were okay. Many times there's no one nearby anyway.

If I can see a sign at Sealine with rules I'll take a picture but I think it's okay.

ziuma said...

awesome. i love the beach.