Friday, October 24, 2014

The Hot Weather Is Finally Subsiding

Went out for a walk last night to Souq Waqif and the park at the Museum of Islamic Art. The weather has cooled down enough that a walk in the evening is actually quite pleasant now, and it looks like everyone else in Doha has the same idea. The park was packed with families having picnics on the grass or playing in the playground. The museum was not open as it was evening but the parking lot was full, not a space to be found. By 9 o’clock security at the front gate were turning away cars because there was no parking, bear that in mind if you plan to go with your family.

I'm really glad that people are starting to enjoy the park at the Museum. In the past it seemed to not be used much, which I thought was a real waste as it was a beautiful property that the Government spent a lot of money for the grass and amenities. Well it's definitely getting used now. Hundreds of people were there.

Souq Waqif was also packed and it was difficult to get a table at the restaurants on what I call “Restaurant Row”. Went to one of my usual places (Saida) and even inside most of the tables were occupied, which never happens in the summer.

The evenings are pleasant now Doha, get out there.

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