Friday, November 21, 2014

World Squash Championships

Attended the semi-finals of the World Squash Championships held at the Khalifa Tennis & Squash Centre (where I go to play squash as well). I'd never been in the room reserved for competitions -- a fully transparent squash court with seating for around 600 spectators. It was pretty cool actually.

Saw both semis, both played by top-10 players and they made it look effortless how easily they moved around the court. The rallies can be longer than tennis, I think a few rallies were in the 50+ hits range, and you really have to stretch down to get the ball since it doesn't bounce much.

In the end Egyptian players won both semis in straight sets so it's an all-Egyptian final tonight. Egypt have always been a major squash powerhouse and it appears this year is no exception.

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