Saturday, November 15, 2014

Qatar Boat Show

Yesterday I went to the Lusail district for the Boat Show. A friend of mine wanted to go and since I was curious about seeing Lusail I didn't have a problem going.

Lusail itself still had a lot of development to do. There were maybe three completed buildings, another seven or eight under construction, and a lot of empty space. I'm not sure why they would have the Boat Show out here given Lusail is a huge construction zone, I think it would've been better off at the Pearl.

Anyway there were plenty of yachts on display, ranging from small boats for day-trips to luxury yachts. Most of the larger ones didn't have prices listed, they’d be so expensive that if you had that kind of coin you could just ask the price. I did see one booth that listed prices for a number of boats. Amusing that one for around QAR 500,000 (~$140,000) was listed next to a yacht priced at QAR 175,000,000 (~$48 million).

A lot of the yachts required appointments for you to be able to board but there were some that the public could board and wander around. The most notable being a three-story luxury barge that looked more like a floating boutique hotel.

But if it's luxury you want these boats can come with everything. I couldn't believe one we toured had a Jacuzzi.

The Boat Show ends today but admission is free. If you looking for something to do today this is definitely a great way to while away some hours.

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