Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More of the Old City is Closing Down

Was out for a walk this evening and when I was near Grand Hamad Street I realized that there were almost no lights at Souq Ahmed Bin Ali (across Grand Hamad from Souq Waqif).

Sure enough, it was closed. Most of the shops were empty and the remaining few were clearing out, using hand-held lights as the power had been cut-off to the building.

I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time before the other “Old Souq” buildings are closed. In some ways it’s a shame, they weren’t the nicest buildings but the area does have character, and it was a great place to shop for deals. It was also a place Labourers could go to, they’re usually not allowed into Souq Waqif.

[June 25, 2015 update: Souq Ahmed Bin Ali is gone.]

I also noticed some of the areas near the new Musherib project were also closing, such as the Doha Palace Hotel near the Mecure.

It’s progress I suppose but I do miss the old neighbourhoods. I used to go to Kahrabaa (sp?) street to eat at places like The Garden or Woodlands but it’s all gone now to make way for the Musherib Project.

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