Saturday, April 11, 2015

Update on the Al Wakra Souq

It's been a few months since I went to the Souq they're building in Al Wakra. I figured I'd go and see how it's looking now.

Still lots of construction, but it's looking better than when I was last there:

The Corniche is looking good, and has more restaurants and cafes open. I bet it's becoming popular in the evenings. A few places even serve shisha.

Now I don't blame them for the rest of it to take so long, the place is HUGE. Here's a map, the Corniche is the side that the words "You Are Here" is written on.

That's a lot of buildings! No wonder it's not done yet.

With the hot weather approaching I doubt many people will be going to the Wakra Corniche and I likely won't be visiting again until after the summer, which should mean the rest of it will be mostly or entirely completed. I wonder what will be in all of the buildings?

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