Sunday, May 24, 2015

Waterfront Cities of the World – Doha

I forgot to mention this on the blog, a few years ago I was contacted by a Canadian TV production company who were doing a documentary series called Waterfront Cities of the World. They were doing a Doha show and wondered if I could be on it, showing them a part of the city. So I agreed, they arrived, we did a shoot at City Centre Mall and the area of shops behind the Mercure Hotel. After that I went off on vacation, and in the end I never heard back from them about whether the show was broadcast. I didn’t give it a lot of thought, TV shows shoot a lot of footage so I figured maybe my bit hit the cutting room floor. That’s why I didn’t bother telling people about it, no point in saying you’ll be on a show when you might not be.

Almost a year later I heard from a Canadian friend of mine, he saw the show and I was on it! That was cool, I guess I made it into the final show after all.

Then later I heard from an American friend, he saw it on Discovery Channel and was pretty surprised to see me on it. Wow, I didn’t realize it would be broadcast outside of Canada.

Then a year later some Austrians that I know saw it on Austrian TV. Huh?! Needless to say they were surprised to see me on it.

The show was available online briefly at the website of the TV production company but was eventually removed. At least my family and I got to see it.

But thankfully, someone has finally posted the episode on YouTube. (well, maybe thankfully, I always get self-conscious about these things, is that how fat I actually am? What’s with that haircut? Is that what my voice actually sounds like? Gah!) It was also great to see Shabina Khatri from DohaNews on the show as well, she and her husband did a lot of work helping the TV crew and touring them around. (You've heard of DohaNews, right? If you haven't check it out.)

So here it is, Waterfront Cities of the World – Doha


Shabina said...

Thanks for the shoutout :) I thought you were really well-spoken!


Glen McKay said...

Thanks Shabina. Your part was good as well. I thought it was a nice show.

Balaji said...

Nice video , the show was good and what you spoke was good, actually your entire blog is wonderful

Ahmed said...

Hi Glen I was watching documentary about Qatar in which you were futured , my name Ahmed lived in the U.S for the last 15 Years with a Master degree in business law and for the last couple Month I was studying and preparing for the CPA exam FAR section , according to your profile you are an accountant, I being thinking to relocate to Qatar for the last two Years, I am a U.S . Citizen married and a father of four tow boys and two girls my oldest girl she is 12 . For the last four Years I was been working as Arabic interpreter in both Medical &Legal. Any possible connection for a job opportunity over there (
Thank you .
Ahmed HamidAhmed

Ahmed said...
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Glen McKay said...

Hi Ahmed, I sent you an email.