Friday, May 29, 2015

Gulf Mall - May 29 update

[latest update on Gulf Mall is August 14th, you can find it here]

[There's a June 13th update on Gulf Mall here.]

Was over at Gulf Mall today, I'm surprised at how many stores are open. Unlike when Ezdan Mall opened and stores opened bit-by-bit over 6-8 months it looks like Gulf Mall made sure most stores were ready to open or close to opening around the same time. Around three-quarters of the non-restaurant shops are open. This meant the mall was pretty busy as lots of people were there shopping at the new stores.

The major thing not open are the restaurants. Most of the cafes are open, and I suppose Bagel Bar and Brioche Doree (a cafe/bakery/restaurant similar to Paul) are open and you can get food there, but none of the restaurants are open.

Thus no Shake Shack or Nandos or other restaurants. A Turkish restaurant is almost ready, staff were in there I think being trained.

And they started putting tables out in the food court so maybe that'll open soon.

And still no IHOP. A bit of work still to go. Maybe it will open in the next month? That would be a bit of a problem given Ramadan is approaching, would anyone want to eat pancakes in the evening? (I would!)


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