Thursday, December 17, 2015

Darb Al Saai

As part of National Day Celebrations a large area is set up in the Al Sadd neighbourhood where there's traditional activities, food and so forth. I decided to head over tonight and take a look.

Even from a distance there's no mistaking it, the place was huge:

Parking was a bit of a problem as there were a lot of people. There are vacant lots a bit farther away that had almost no cars so if you want easy parking try not to park close to the buildings.

Sadly as I arrived I was told by the police that it was "Family Only". Now a lot of times things that are family-only, such as Fridays at malls, are not strictly enforced against Westerners but here at Darb Al Saai they meant it -- ladies and families only. So I wasn't allowed in. :(

I took a couple of pictures from the outside on my way back.

It looked nice. Oh well, off to Souq Waqif.

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