Sunday, February 18, 2018

Food Trucks at Qatar Sports Club

In case people haven't noticed that has been a lot of development going on at Qatar Sports Club (the stadium near Khalifa Tennis Stadium where there's an Appleby's and Burger King). The owner has allowed a number of food trucks and small restaurant kiosks to set up on the edge of the stadium and in the parking lot. I think it's a great idea, especially in the cooler months. Lots of little places to grab a coffee or a bite and either sit at tables or get it to go as a drive-thru.

So far I've seen around a dozen either open for business or under construction:

There's also a Tea Time, Doku (Egyptian Street Food), 100 Cafe, and others. It's working out well as the parking lot is way busier now with people visiting the kiosks.

You have maybe three more months to check it out before it starts getting too hot, unless you want drive-thru. Shame the tennis tournament is ending, it was nice to go there for a bite before walking over to the tennis.

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