Saturday, January 08, 2022

Qatar Coronavirus Updates - Omicron Sweeping the Country

In my last post there were around 1000 community cases in one day. Since then it went to 1600. Then 2000. And now 2500, in one day. The growth in cases is absolutely crazy! Three more people I know have tested positive, and in two cases their families have as well. No one has died though in the last few days, which is good.

In two years of this pandemic the only time I knew people who got Covid was during the same event that I was infected from (ultimately five of us) and one other friend at around the same time. That was it. In these last couple of weeks I now know seven people who were infected, two more suspected cases, six people at the office, and their family members. It's wild how contagious this is.

I got my booster two weeks ago so for all I know I got it and had no symptoms. I have PCR test results pending but I'm now on day 4 of getting the results due to the backlog at the lab. 30-40 thousand people are getting tested every day now and it is causing delays getting the results. 

I haven't left the apartment for the last four days, looks like hunkering down is the way to go.

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