Friday, January 21, 2022

Qatar Coronavirus Updates - Wave May Have Peaked

Cases have been slowly declining, from 3300 community cases in a day to 3000 and today 2770. Positive test rate is at around 9%. Hospitalizations are down slightly but there is now more than 100 people in ICU. There were also a few more deaths this week, but I think they were all at least 70 years old.

While it's not the most ideal source, a friend of a friend in the healthcare sector said many in ICU were due to the more noxious Delta variant. With all the news about Omicron everyone seems to have forgotten that Delta is still around. This also has implications for how long you should quarantine, the US has moved to five days and while that might be okay for an Omicron infection for Delta it is more than likely you'll still be contagious five days after showing symptoms. You'll probably still be sick after five days. Delta is not something you want to be spreading around. In Qatar while they do subsequent sequencing to see which variant someone has they do not disclose that to the person. I assume it's because they do not get the results right away so it doesn't matter too much to inform the person. When I got sick with Covid last year I was never told which variant is was (original Covid, Alpha or Beta were all possibilities).

I'm still hunkered down but glad to see that this Covid wave might be receding. I wouldn't mind getting out and seeing friends and shopping for groceries but at the moment it's still too early for that. I can easily live off my existing groceries for another 2-3 weeks, I stocked up on non-perishables as soon as I heard about Omicron.

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