Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Pearl – Qanat Quarter

Yesterday I had to see some friends near West Bay but I had a bit of time to myself so I stopped by the newest area of the Pearl. Called the Qanat Quarter (I think), it’s a Venetian-themed area that just opened up.

It's kind of weird how it's like a freshly-painted Venetian ghost town. There was hardly anyone around and there were no shops open yet.

A few of the apartments are occupied and I assume more people will be moving in soon. The area looks nice, if a developer is smart and has the appropriate businesses there (nice cafés and restaurants, not so much in the way of overpriced five-star clothing stores), then I think it'll be a really nice place. Probably better than the main area of the Pearl.

Not so sure about parking though. There didn't seem to be a visitor parking garage and there's not a lot of parking around the outside of the Quarter. If they don't resolve that then many of the coffee shops that set up there'll be hurting for business since I don't think there's enough apartments/villas there to support a ton of shops and restaurants. Why is parking always an issue in this country?

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