Friday, December 28, 2012

Xmas 2012

Just a brief update about my Christmas here in Doha. As you know here in Qatar Christmas is not a public holiday so most people do not get a day off. My office does give us Christmas off thankfully so in the morning I went and visited some of my Qatari friends at their offices just to say hi. After chatting with my friends for a while it was off to Christmas brunch at the Ritz Carleton with some friends.

I'm usually not one to do hotel buffets but I make an exception for Christmas since it's nice being able to spend the day with friends and eat a proper turkey dinner (I'm certainly not going to prepare one myself). In truth thousands of Western ex-pats go to the Christmas buffets offered by the hotels. We had a table in the ballroom right by the stage but we were surprised by the entertainment -- a western bar band playing rock tunes. At first my friends and I were all a bit surprised as it certainly wasn't very Christmas-y but after we settled in and started into the food the band left and some carolers came on stage to sing a few Christmas songs. After the carolers left the band came back and truth be told my friends and I all agreed it was nice having them there. I have no idea why we were enjoying rock music at a Christmas buffet but ultimately it did work out well.

After a while a couple of little kids wandered up onto the stage. The band didn't mind and kept playing. Soon people thought this was so cute they were bringing their kids up, and eventually the place started rocking. Here's a video . . .

Rocking at the Ritz

Weird, huh? Anyway a good time was had by all and people really enjoyed the band.

I hope you all had a good Christmas as well.

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