Sunday, February 24, 2013

NHL Game

My sister-in-law managed to get tickets to a Calgary Flames game so we went last night. I love hockey so it’s always great to be able to see an NHL game. Tickets can be hard to come by, especially for top teams like Vancouver.

Because I knew in advance about the game I made sure I packed appropriate clothing.

Calgary Flames jerseys would of course be the best option but Team Canada gear will work for attending an NHL game featuring any Canadian team.

Seats were great, mid-level in the corner. I won’t drag this out too much going into long descriptions, first there was the anthems:

Then the game:

It was a clean game with few penalties and no fights (though there was almost one). Calgary had an early goal but then the rest of the 1st period were playing poorly. Picked it up in the 2nd and improved further in the 3rd. Three periods and two beers later Calgary won 3-1 so the crowd was in great spirits heading home:

A good time was had by all. Even if you’re not familiar with hockey try to see an NHL game if you are ever in North America.


Shruthi said...

Nice post!
Do you love qatar?

Glen McKay said...

Hi Shruth. Yes, I like Qatar a lot actually. The title was meant to be more like " A Skeptic in Qatar" but many erroneously think it means I'm skeptical about Qatar. I lived here almost 7 years now, the place has really grown on me (and around me).