Thursday, February 28, 2013


I’m here visiting family and friends. Weather has been grey and rainy, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been to Vancouver in the winter as this is the normal weather for this time of year. I think the whole time I’ve been here it’s been anywhere from drizzling to pouring but never sunny. Would you believe I love it? Months in the dusty, hot desert of Qatar really makes me miss the cold weather and the snow and rain. That's why I love going back to Canada during the winter.

Also managed to catch an Art Spiegelman exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I love his work (his most famous comic? Maus) but it was great to see his stuff from the early years and his New Yorker cover art.

I love all the eating out too, Vancouver has great restaurants. Been eating sushi, steak, Ukrainian food, even some Mexican. I guess I’d better start losing weight when I get home.

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